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Hey! I'm Brittany, founder of Gentle Java. 

I've always loved coffee

(much like everyone's favorite momma from Gilmore Girls).

More than a pick-me-up, it was like a ~ritual~ that helped me to start my day and get focused on my projects as a copywriter. 💻

But after a while, I noticed that my morning treat seemed to play a hand in my anxiety. And during a particularly scary panic attack, the parallels in the physical symptoms of coffee jitters became apparent. 

So I did what we all do when we're desperate for answers and turned to Google and searched, "coffee that doesn't make you anxious" . 

I was met with a LOT of options. Or at least, what I thought were options, at least. In reality, it was just a sea of  "alternatives". Ranging from coffee mixes with way more mushrooms than caffeine to dandelion root. 👀

While some of these suggestions tasted okay, they certainly weren't a true coffee replacement. 

I wanted COFFEE. Coffee that tasted like coffee, smelled like coffee, and acted like coffee -- just sans the anxiety-inducing jitters. 

So what was I supposed to do?

Try to stomach one of those coffee "replacements"? 

Cut out my morning brew all together?

Both options sounded equally terrible to me. 

And so, I dug into my entrepreneur roots and started Gentle Java with one clear mission: To offer a TRUE anxiety-friendly coffee experience.  💪

Our mixes are REAL coffee that simply produce LOWER jitters utilizing either hemp-extract or slightly less caffeine. With both CBD and non-CBD lines,  everyone can find their perfect cup. 

Welcome to Gentle Java, 
the anxiety-friendly coffee company.
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